Valerie Stedson is a fictitious character from The Lenny Leggo Show. She first appears in the Season 1 finale The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant as a one of three "solo" kids (the other two are Billy Endanasor and Pig-Pig Degariah) to open up the children's choir proceeding the actual play.


Stedson is a childhood actress who has already appeared on a couple of really shitty children's TV productions, as well as some TV commercials (in the case of the latter, she is usually a silent actress). Like most children actors, Stedson is an extremely terrible actress. She is completely melodramatic, loud, and obnoxious: worse yet, she has never realized any of this for herself. When she was signed on to perform in Lenny's Christmas Eve Nativity Pageant, she stared as the lead solo kid, alongside Billy Endanasor and Pig-Pig Degariah. When it came Pig-Pig's turn to speak his lines, he just stood there for several seconds before screaming and running off the stage in terror. Stedson then went on to proclaim "Well, SCREW HIM!", much to the horror of both Lenny and the audience. She then wishes the audience either a merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, depending on who they voted for in the election.