The Most Retarded Song Ever Written

The Most Retarded Song Ever Written.

The Road
is an "inspirational" song written by either Samuel Richardson or Johnson Freso: fact of the matter is, nobody can remember who wrote it.

The song was originally written in 2014 for "The Lenny Lego Movie 3", a film based on the now discontinued The Lenny Lego Show. Two years later in 2016, the song, in its original version, was brought back for National Jonah Flenderson Day I, where it is used for Jonah's "oppression" video when he appeared on The Morning Show! With Mr. Davis.

The song was also uploaded to the ClearSky Productions channel (known at the time as "Cosbythecaterpillar") in January 2015 as a ten minute loop, set to random "inspirational" images. It is titled "The Most Retarded Song Ever Written".


Due to the short length of the song, it is often repeated in a loop wherever it is used.

But sometimes I just can't see

at the end of the road!

I have to look for a way,

and I see no end to this road!

Look ahead, look again, at the road! OH!"