The innkeeper dead

The innkeeper's dead corpse

The Inkeeper is a nameless one-off character from The Lenny Leggo Show. He serves as a running-gag in the Season 1 finale The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant. Throughout the episode, he is marked absent from the Christmas Eve Nativity Pageant, supposed to have played, not surprisingly, the innkeeper. The actor never shows up nor makes any contact with Lenny explaining his absence at any point.

In the mid-credits scene of the episode, Lenny and Martin show up to the church to move out some old boxes filled with play props. However, after Lenny moves the first box, the two discover the innkeeper's dead corpse, having somehow been crushed by a tall stack of boxes.

Though it is never made clear in the episode, it is suggested that his death was a freak accident, rather than a homicide or suicide, despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the situation.