The Hobo is a character from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show. The character is a pesky, cheating, and clever thief that, word says, frequently cheats nearly anyone he can out of something, usually money.

The Hobo was created originally as a one-off character, but created Aaron Cosby had stated interest in bringing the character back as a tertiary (supporting) character following his first appearance. He returned in the Season 1 finale The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant.

Character BioEdit

The character appears in Death on Behalf of my Wife's Birthday, where he tries to get people to do the "chicken dance", promising an Ipad (along with some Synagogue's Chicken coupons) to whoever can do the best chicken dance. Lenny, looking for an Ipad to give to his wife Katrina, begins doing the dance in front of him. While doing so, the hobo secretly pulls out his Iphone and begins to record Lenny doing the dance. When Lenny finishes the dance, he asks the hobo if he won. At this point, the hobo reveals that he tricked Lenny into doing the dance so that he could film it, upload it to YouTube, monetize it, and get rich off of it. At this point, the hobo immediately turns and runs as quickly as he can across the street and hops over a hedge and out of sight.

The Hobo returns in The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant, where he sneaks into the church during the play and snatches an offering bucket before quickly escaping the church and running off with it. Later on in the episode, Lenny decides to help a poor family eat on Christmas Eve after he snatches back the basket from the Hobo and gives it to them.

Most people believe that he is homeless, however, he is not. He owns a small shack in an undisclosed locations in the nearby Los Angeles mountains.


  • The Hobo's running style, as seen when he runs across the street, was inspired by the running style of "Mr. Timn", a character created by YouTuber and filmmaker Julian Smith. In each of the three Mr. Timn shorts that have been released, Mr. Timn is seen running across the street, in said fashion, and is hit by a car each time he does this: just before he's hit, the footage freeze-frames on the car just feet from him, converts to gray scale, and a title reads "R.I.P Mr. Timn: ???-2011".