The Bonus Round is a recurring running gag from the youtube series The Lenny Leggo Show. The Bonus Round is a punishment that Jonah Flenderson's boss, Buzz Tarco, uses at the fire department on firemen who are acting out of control, typically used as a last resort (although it is used on Jonah Flenderson on a seemingly regular basis).

As part of the running gag, The Bonus Round is never fully explained or seen in detail, thus it is always merely left to the viewers imagination, leaving them to come up with theories as to what could possibly be so horrific about The Bonus Round. Despite the fact that the Bonus Round is never actually seen or explained, it is stated to be without a doubt the worst fate a fireman could ever face while on the job. Some firemen even claim that getting sentenced to the Bonus Round is even worse than getting fired.

At the fire department, there is a room in the hallways that has a paper sign that reads "BONUS ROUND" on it. This is where the said punishment takes place. In that same hallway, there are hooks on the walls. On these hooks, removable signs with wait times can be added if there a long enough line that requires such. For example, one of the signs reads "The Bonus Round. Approximate wait time from this point: 90 minutes. ABSOLUTELY NO LINE CUTTING!". The penalty for cutting in line is being sent to the very back of the line. The actual punishment itself lasts for 5-10 minutes, though it feels like "watching paint dry for three days straight".


  • As proclaimed in the 29th Amendment of the United States Constitution, it is illegal to perform "The Bonus Round" on a minor under 18 years of age: the penalty of offense is 18 months to two years in prison.
  • The Bonus Round is illegal in the state of Florida: the penalty of offense is five years in prison.