Aaron Cosby

Aaron Cosby's appearance in Cosby With a Filthy Soul. He is one of the main characters of the Studio Continuity and is exclusive to it.

The Studio Continuity
is a secondary continuity of The Lenny Leggo Show, which takes place entirely separate from the main canon of the show. This alternate timeline takes place at ClearSky Productions, which is actually Aaron Cosby's house, where he produces The Lenny Leggo Show himself, mostly from his office. The characters of the show, who appear in animated form in the otherwise live-action environment, reside with him at the studio, where they are employed with Cosby who produces The Lenny Leggo Show himself. Lenny Leggo and his wife, Katrina Leggo sleep in the master bedroom while the rest of the cast sleeps in Aaron Cosby's basement.

Rather than being animated, the show is produced by having the characters instead act out scenes on a green screen, after Aaron Cosby has written a script and before he edits each episode himself.

Difference from Main CanonEdit

It can be incorrectly and mistakenly assumed by some viewers that The Lenny Leggo Show's events are not really real even from the character's viewpoints, and are all actually just acting portrayed by the characters in the live action universe. However, this is false, as such a universe would require the Studio Continuity and the main series to take place in the same universe, but since the Studio Continuity is non-canon, they therefore take place in entirely different timelines. In the main canon, all events are, from the character's perspective, real while in the Studio Continuity they are not, despite being identical.

Installments in the Studio ContinuityEdit


Because the Studio Continuity is non-canon, only Season S episodes are part of it.


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