Star Wars Yoda's Reussrects

An advertisement for the film.

Star Wars Episode MMMMMMCCVIII: Yoda's Ressurects! (an incorrectly spelled and worded version of what was supposed to be either Yoda's Resurrection! or Yoda Resurrects!) is a fictitious motion picture which acts as the 6,208th installment of the Star Wars film series. It will be released on January 3rd 177,432 (in "5D" formats). The idea of the film's existence satires the at this point very possible direction that the Star Wars series may take under Disney's direction.

The director, who's name isn't specified (this is common practice for studios who believe a director has become infamous and public knowledge of his involvement could cause damage in box office returns), was also the "revolutionary" director of the 4,567th Indiana Jones film and the 10,056th James Bond film.


  • The word "Resurrects" was actually misspelled by accident, and Cosby did not realize this until creating this wiki page. He said though that its misspelling would actually make the joke funnier. He also said the same thing about the director's name not being specifically mentioned on the poster: this is usually done with certain movies to avoid bad publicity, when a relatively infamous director is used for production. On the other hand, the misuse of the "'s" was done on purpose.
  • In an older edit of Thanksgiving Kerfuffle, Randy had the line "WHY DISNEY?! WHY?!" after asking why the series couldn't be left at three films. This line ended up being removed as it was found to be somewhat inaccurate. Lucasfilm produced the prequel films prior to the Star Wars franchise being sold to Disney (the first Star Wars film released under Disney's ownership was "The Force Awakens" in 2015), therefore not all of the films outside of the original trilogy were the result of Disney.
  • Despite what the joke behind the fictitious movie is making fun of, Aaron Cosby was actually a huge fan of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and also enjoyed the first anthology film "Rogue One". He says, however, that he's nervous that films, such as this one, could eventually be a result of Disney getting carried away with the franchise.
  • The film's release was January 3rd 177,432, which plays as a joke that Star Wars, at this point, would become a backwoods franchise. Films that are typically released in January (as well as February and September in some cases) are deliberately done so because studios do not expect the film to be a massive success, as January is one of the slowest business months for movie theaters, as well as most businesses in general.