Robin Fraiser, or sometimes nicknamed Offier Rob is a fictitious supporting character from The Lenny Leggo Show.

Character BioEdit

Rob pokes fun at Lenny Jonah and Martin

Rob lectures Lenny, Jonah, and Martin on the art of proper burglarly. A Kooky the Beaver ad is shown in the background.

Rob first appeared in the Season 1 episode The Biffy Martona Chronicle as a one-off character. He arrests Lenny, Jonah, and Martin for breaking into Martin's girlfriend Jessie's house (all due to an idiotic plot set up by Jonah to help Martin catch a rare Pokemon found in her livingroom floor). Eventually, after Jessie decides not to press charges against the trio, Lenny and Jonah are released from prison, but Martin remains behind in prison as his arrest leads authorities to an enourmous list of pirated media that Martin downloaded illegally onto his computer.

Rob at Pete's Market

Rob apprehending Jonah and Randy.

Rob returned in Thanksgiving Kerfuffle, also a Season 1 episode, where he finds Jonah and Randy inside the closed Pete's Market, in the aftermath of trying to break in and get a turkey for Thanksgiving. However, when Rob witnesses the two go in, they are both wearing pink clothes (in Jonah's case a pink dress) and are found in the store with their standard attire on: this is caused by a shift in timelines after Jonah and Randy return to 2016 from the far distant future to free themselves having frozen inside the freezer to the future. As a result, Rob's reports cause an international headline theory regarding alternate timelines.