QUIT GENERATING SPAM COMMENTS is a 15 second long video that was made in the wake of several generated spam/self advertising comments being left on various videos on The Lenny Leggo Show's YouTube channel, all of which were posted by different users but were nearly identical in content.


Lenny jokingly (albeit in a serious tone) threatens to chain anyone who leaves a spam comment on the channel in his basement for three days, where there's no phone reception.


Immediately after The Lenny Leggo Show Channel Trailer was uploaded, a spam comment was left on the video that read "Hello The Lenny Leggo Show! Well done ^^ I like it ^^ Check my channel if u need some music ^^ ')". It was determined to have been a generated comment for several reasons. Firstly, the video did not show that any views had yet accommodated the video, yet someone had apparently clicked the video leaving a comment. Second, the comment was left on a 19 minute long video, it is unlikely that someone would immediately leave such a comment without even watching the video first. Third, the user claimed to have immensely enjoyed the video, yet there were no new "likes" on the video at the time it was posted.

This video was subsequently posted in an effort to crack down on auto generating comments of self advertisement.


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