Phil is a one-off character from the YouTube animated sitcom series The Lenny Leggo Show. He appears in the Season 1 episode Fireworks.


Phil identifies himself as a "stunt manager". He works for a soap opera production company called "Synopsis Productions" and mainly works on the daytime soap opera Silver's Anatomy.

In the episode "Fireworks", he works as a stunt manager for a scene which calls for the implosion of a house, so Phil (and presumably the rest of his crew) install an implosion device inside of a vacant house, not far from where Lenny lives. Prior to the implosion, Phil tells his wife on the phone that the production company originally could not afford the stunt (soap operas are generally produced on very low budgets), but became able to after one of the show's producers bought a winning lottery ticket.

his last name is unknown. He was one of two one-off characters to appear in "Fireworks", the other was Martha.

While she is never seen or mentioned by name, Phil has a wife, as he talks to his wife on the phone during one of his scenes.

Trivia Edit

  • Phil is not mentioned by name in his episode appearance.
  • In his appearance episode "Fireworks", he is credited as "Implosion Guy".
  • Phil's art conception and additional position files were all created in a time span of only 45 minutes, making Phil, so far, the fastest character to be created for the series.
  • So far, Phil is seen talking on the phone in every scene that he has appeared in. Character animations were created for a scene in which he does not talk on the phone, although they were never used.