Pete's Market exterior

The exterior of the store at night time.

Pete's Market
is a fictitious super market store from The Lenny Leggo Show.


The super market is privately owned and operated by Pete Y. Salmanina Jr., who overtook ownership of the store after his father, Pete Salmanina Sr, the original founder of the establishment, passed away.

In The Lenny Leggo ShowEdit

Jonah Flenderson uses Pete's Market as an attempt to "save" Thanksgiving after Lenny, host of the gang's annual Thanksgiving feast, forgets to buy a turkey. First, he attempts to call Pete and, despite already being closed, attempts to coax Pete into, literally, getting out of bed, down to the store, and letting Flenderson in to buy a turkey. When Pete refuses, Flenderson quickly takes the call downhill and proceeds to insult Pete personally, as well as his store. After Pete hangs up on him, he calls him back to apologize, but when Pete doesn't change his mind, Flenderson again proceeds to insult him and his business, even moreso than the first time around. The call once again ends with Flenderson being hung up on, and he reveals to his cousin standing nearby that a restraining order is now being filed against him.

Undetermined to give up, however, Jonah Flenderson sneaks down to the closed supermarket and manages to recruit Randy Stallone into helping him obtain a turkey by grabbing a hidden key and entering (Flenderson convinces a hesitant Randy that it is completely okay to do so by arguing that common law burglary requires a breaking and entering, therefore they are technically not breaking in). Randy goes inside to find a turkey while Flenderson remains outside on guard, plotting to distract the police if necessary by running off with a presumably stolen street sign (which, in reality, Jonah actually bought off of Ebay). The two communicate via walkie-talkies, however, after the battery dies, Flenderson goes to check up on Randy, but ends up locking both of them into the faulty-design freezer instead.

Initially, Flenderson's verbal rants ended up contributing to Pete's suicide on the night of Thanksgiving in the original timeline: this caused Pete's Market to permanently close, which in turn is what caused Jonah and Randy to freeze for the next 175 millenniums. In the altered timeline, however, the store gained international attention after Robin Fraiser witnessed evidence that supported Randy's claim of alternate timelines, evidenced by the fact that he and Jonah's clothes changed between Rob's witnessing of their re-entry into the store, and when they were apprehended. Due to the attention his store got from the rapidly spread theory, Mr. Pete became hopeful that profits would increase at his store: as a result, his suicide was "undone" and in this timeline, Pete's Market remained open.