Percy's Bucket Funeral Home
Percy's Bucket: Funeral Home and Cremation Services is a fictitious funeral home from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show.


Despite being a funeral home, the company uses unusually upbeat ways of advertising. Their commercials are done in a "As Seen on TV" fashion, with upbeat music, an overly-excited announcer, and heavy emphasis on their "low prices". Percy's Bucket also makes frequent use of and reference to their social media accounts. On occasion, Percy's bucket also uses air dancers.

The company claims that they do this to draw in business, both from their unusually different method of advertisement, which they believe "stands out" rather well, as well as to appeal to customers that wish for their loved one's funeral to lack a sober mood, which they believe is a "trend growing at an alarming rate".

The original Percy's Bucket was built in Skyler City California in 1981. However, a second location, nicknamed "Percy's Bucket 2", was built in Anaheim in 2005. A third location is currently in the works and will be located in Beverly Hills: it will likely be nicknamed "Percy's Bucket 3". According to their official website, the company hopes to turn their "trilogy" into a nationwide, and possibly international "franchise".

Although primarily a cremation company, they apparently began doing burials recently as well (possibly to increase fame and business).

The business's completely nonsensical name was inspired by a hotel from a Looney Tunes cartoon short that was called "Spencer's Arms: Baby It's Cold Outside".

The founder of Ncdonald's had his funeral take place at Percy's Bucket in Skyler City California. Jonah Flenderson sneaked into the funeral by creeping through the woods behind the building and crawling underneath a broken chain-link fence.