MPAA parody Title card

The satirical opening title card, parodying the MPAA.

Official Channel Trailer......Uh...Trailer
is a short trailer for The Lenny Leggo Show Channel Trailer. It was released on July 30th 2017 to advertise the new Channel Trailer, which is also the Season S premiere, set to debut on August 3rd 2017.


The trailer opens with a tongue in cheek parody of the MPAA's "approved for appropriate audiences" title card, shown at the beginning of each certified film trailer. It is an alternate "red band" title card forbidden sensitive audiences prone to promoting bans on even barely scary films.

The trailer is actually a sequel, with its events following the channel trailer, as it contains audio flashback of what will become the channel trailer. The single shot trailer depicts an unknown man on the outside of Aaron Cosby's house, implying to desire entry as we see his hand cling onto the door at the very end of the scene before cutting to black.


  • This trailer was produced in a record 2 hours, the shortest amount of time by far for any Lenny Leggo Show production, namely due to its simplistic set-up.
  • While the Channel Trailer itself will be rendered (and animated) to 30 frames per second, this trailer was rendered to 24 frames per second instead.

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