Clara Mchenry Diney, known most frequently as just Mrs. Diney, is a fictitious character from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show. She an a green anthropomorphic elderly T-Rex.

Character Synopsis Edit

Mrs. Diney is an anthropomorphic elderly Tyrannosaurus Rex. She is retired and receives income on medicare plans.

Very sensitive to her age, her exact age is unknown, but is at least age 80 and is believed to be somewhere in her mid to late 80's. Her weight is also a carefully guarded secret.

Diney is actually in superb shape for her age. She is strong, active, and at times even menacing, usually when threatened by street gangs or wallet thieves. She always walks with her walking stick, but her walking stick is always a complete illusion, as she is never hesitant to use it as a weapon for defense. This happens quite often, as street gangs and wallet thieves quite often try take advantage of her due to her old age and seeming lack of ability to obtain self defense.

Diney frequently visits Martin Anderson's office for check-ups, always speculating that she has osteoporosis. Martin sends her away every time informing her that she lacks osteoporosis and that she is perfectly good health. Diney never believes Martin, at times calling him a quack and accusing him of "forcing me to pay him just for him to tell me how old I am".

Trivia Edit

  • Mrs. Diney is the only character to have her animal-inspired name ("Diney" is derived from "Dinosaur") remain unchanged from her prototype incarnation from "The Lenny Lego Show".
  • She is an anthropomorphic character who owns a non-anthropomorphic dog.