Lenny Leggo Presents: Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol- A Lenny Leggo Christmas Special, also referred to as just Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol, is an upcoming Christmas special episode of the YouTube sitcom comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show. It is a non-canonical remake of Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol the series finale of the prototype series The Lenny Lego Show. The "Lenny Leggo Presents" and "A Lenny Leggo Christmas Special" are to avoid confusion between the two versions of the special.

Originally slated to be released on December 25th 2016, it was delayed until Christmas 2017, with The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant taking its original place.


It's Christmas time in Skyler City. Everyone in town is preparing themselves for the best time of the year: everyone, that is, except for Buzz Tarco, who despises Christmas. Tarco, the firefighter class instructor, is in charge of some of the worst student firemen the world has ever imagined, the worst of them all being none other than Jonah Flenderson. So, knowing their natural love for the holiday season, and to really teach them what-for, Tarco goes out of his way to make sure that the firemen endure Christmas with some of the heaviest, toughest, and most grueling assignments of the entire year. On Christmas Eve, however, he is taken back to his past to tell the never-before-told story of Buzz Tarco's mysterious, frightening, and in a way exciting life story in the past, present, and future, to learn that there is much more to his "discipline" towards his pupils than meets his eye.


The episode was originally supposed to be released Christmas 2016, however, it was decided that the episode's complexity would mean that it would possibly not be ready in time for it's release date. As a result, it has officially been postponed until Christmas 2017. "The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant, previously another candidate for the 2016 Christmas Special, was moved back up from 2017 and was released in 2016 instead, taking Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol's place.


  • The original version of Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol also featured the subtitle "A Lenny Leggo Christmas Special" in the title during the opening credits, even spelled as such as, until it was canceled and rebooted altogether, the original place was to continue the series under a new name. However, it was never actually part of the special's official title. Nonetheless, the "Lenny Leggo Presents" was added to avoid confusion between the two.