"The last eight years of my life were the most magical years of my life. It took an enormous amount of magic to survive eight years of an Obama presidency"- Lenny Leggo

Lenny Martana Leggolas, or also known as just Lenny Leggo, is a fictitious character from as well as the official starring character of the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show.  He was also the star in the show's prototype incarnation "The Lenny Lego Show".


Lenny was born in Odessa Texas, where he would spend his entire time earning his education. Despite falling behind drastically in 8th grade at the age 14, Lenny managed to get back on track and graduate on time, with a GPA of 3.88. At age 15, Lenny became a born-again Christian. Lenny moved out of his parents house when he was 20 years old. He lived in El Paso for seven years, living off of minimum wage, until he was able to land a much more promising job in Los Angeles California as a game-show director. He moved to Los Angeles California in the year 2012, where he would befriend and become roommates with Jonah Flenderson and his cousin Martin Anderson. Lenny would later move out though after his marriage to Katrina Kyla.


Lenny works as a game-show director of "Shark Meat!" at PSS Studios in Hollywood California. His older brother, Quincy Leggo, has unsuccessfully tried numerous times to get himself onto the game-show without the executives knowing of his family connections to Lenny (as a relative of a PSS Studios employee, Quincy is legally ineligible to appear on the show).

Although very smart, Lenny has strange, sometimes extremely biased, opinions that almost nobody can seem to understand. For example, Lenny despises the social media service Instagram, claiming it to be a massive rip-off of Facebook, despite never once acknowledging Facebook as a rip-off of My-space, or Twitter as a rip-off of Facebook (Martin even brings this point up to him once in a while, but Lenny always ignores it). As a result, he is the only documented person in Los Angeles who does not have an Instagram. At one point, Randy Stallone posts of picture of Lenny on Instagram without telling him in advance, causing their friendship to completely fall apart (Martin later manages to amend it again). At the same time, strangely enough, Lenny is a major supporter of "F-Mail", a fictitious electronic mail service implied to be either a ripoff or very unsuccessful successor to E-mail.

Lenny almost always identifies himself as a Republican; however, he is sometimes times seen siding with Democrats opinions depending on what they are debating about.For one reason or another (usually all unrelated to each other), Lenny appears on the news on a seemingly regular basis. However, nearly every time he ends up on the news, headlines a newspaper, or ends up in a gossip magazine, his last name is always misspelled as "Lego". Each time this happens, Lenny informs the news station or magazine manufactures of the typo. Despite an honest promise to fix the issue, his last name still ends up misspelled the next time around. The fact that his last name is always misspelled as "Lego" is a homage to his original last name at the time of his character's creation.

Lenny is almost always right about anything, even when arguing with his wife, he is almost always the one with the correct viewpoint. Because of this, Lenny has a difficult time registering defeat (usually in an argument). Because of this, one of Lenny's greatest weaknesses is dealing with being wrong or defeated. Sometimes, he is even convinced that he is a complete idiot for being wrong. The truth is, however, it is exactly opposite of that, as Lenny is not used to being wrong, so the feeling of being wrong is an unusual feeling for Lenny and his is far from use to dealing with defeat. However, Lenny always manages to get himself back on his feet, convinced that he's actually not all that bad after all: sometimes he does this by digging up and reading old news articles he keeps about Jonah Flenderson, who accidentally burned down a Ncdonald's at age 14 and a sky scraper at the age of 16.

Lenny is beyond sensitive to laughing gas. He is required to be completely unconscious during any type of surgical dental work, as laughing gas causes him to roll about in the dentist's chair laughing uncontrollably. On one occasion, Lenny visited the dentist to get two cavities filled. The appointment, which would have taken about 30 minutes, took more than 2 hours because Lenny could not stop laughing from the gas. Lenny was eventually thrown out from the dentists office, without the dentists even able to do any work on Lenny, and he was sent to a different office, where he was completely put out so that the fillings could be conducted successfully. His wife Katrina accompanied him and blogged the experience on her phone, where she would subsequently upload it to YouTube. The video would go on to earn over 18 million views, 350,000 likes, and 800 dislikes in a very short time.

Though a frequent beer consumer, Lenny is almost always sober. He has, however, gotten unintentionally drunk on a number of occasions. This apparently happened during the 4th of July in 2015, as mentioned in Fireworks.

Presently, Lenny is married to Katrina Leggo, although he does not yet have any children. Lenny's children will likely be introduced sometime during the second season.

Lenny's house exterior

An unfinished art conception of Lenny's house.

Lenny is near-sighted; he wears glasses occasionally, but usually wears contact lenses.

His birthday is June 13th, the same day that The Lenny Leggo Show (at the time "The Lenny Lego Show"), was believed to have been first created. He is left handed and his blood type is A+.

Although it is part of the show's official title, Lenny's last name is rarely spoken by anybody in the series. In fact, the only documented time his last name is referred to in Season 1 is during the seventh and final episode, "The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant".


Lenny is smart, both physically and mentally, and never backs down to a challenge of any kind.

Lenny has a sheer, sometimes explainable (even from Lenny's point of view) intolerance of political correctness of any kind. While serving as a judge for a mens' beauty contest (Lenny was forced to take this job to pay off a bill to prevent himself from going homeless), he became completely dumbfounded at who actually won the contest: he felt that the winning contest won because he was StareStation gamer.


  • His wife Katrina
  • Beer
  • Anything green (except for vegetables)
  • Ybox
  • Donald Trump


  • Instagram
  • Cajun food
  • Stupid people
  • Anime
  • His wife spending a humongous amount of money at one given time
  • Political correctness
  • 9/11 conspiracy theories
  • Obama

Political OpinionsEdit

The political opinions of Lenny Leggo are as follows:

Lenny opposes raising the minimum wage to $15, claiming that doing such would damage the economy. He says that lowering certain taxes, even by marginal numbers, could be enough to provide better standards of living to both lower and middle classes and argues that this is more practical, as well as easier, than raising minimum wage.

Lenny is also against universal healthcare. He criticizes universal healthcare as "completely counter-productive", claiming that it "eats up citizen's money more than it gives them. It's totally pointless". He says that he'd rather see a free-market system instead.

Though he does not approve of it to as great of an extent as he used to, Lenny is in favor of the death penalty, claiming that the national crime rate would see a decrease if the justice system imposed the death penalty more often. Lenny strongly believes that the death penalty is "far more punishing mentally and physiologically than life in prison. The penalty of your own life being taken, I'd rather live on in prison, at least I'd still have a shot at something in life, even if it was as simple as serving lunch to inmates. The death penalty is a very final and irreversible punishment, it might cause a man to think twice before committing a crime". Lenny also suggested expanding the punishment to other severe crimes besides murder.

Lenny also favors torture as a use for interrogation for uncooperative prisoners. He says that "the prison absolutely has a choice, he either speaks, or we give him what for. To say that torture is a form of abuse is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. You give us the information we need, or you face the consequences, it's as simple as that. Nobody is forcing him to experience anything. Even if we did, that's something you should consider before committing the crime".

Lenny has blatantly ridiculed Global Warming, calling it a "complete fairy tale". He criticizes the concept of Global Warming as a scare tactic, to try and "force" people into saving the Earth, primarily by donating to "charities" that "contribute to mother Earth". He has called for the investigation of numerous natural charities, suggesting that some are frauds. Despite his strong disbelief in Global Warming, Lenny is, however, very passionate about nature, in fact, this is one of the reasons why green is his favorite color. Lenny has considered forming an Earth Awareness Organization dedicated to the care of planet Earth, claiming that "Earth is a very beautiful place, and the more people care for it, the happier Earth will be, and the happier we will be. I don't care how far technology advances, it will never measure up to non-man-made nature, and the better we take care of it, the easier it is to appreciate, and the more people will appreciate it". Lenny's passion for nature has lead to myth that he is indeed supportive of the theory of Global Warming, with Space Magazine calling Lenny's disbelief of Global Warming "One of the most shocking fact known to man kind: Nature lover Lenny Lego (notice that his last name has been misspelled, as usual) reveals shocking truth to the world".

Lenny shows support for additional funding for public schools, especially private operated schools, and has in the past voiced that schools should be given a path to avoid budget cuts. He has stated "Schools are very important to our world, they are more than just a place where kids go, learn, do the work, and come back home and forget about their day. It is a place to grow, grow in relationships, grow as a community, the definition of school is very mis-understood, and should be restored ASAP". Lenny despises the Common Core State Standard Initiative, calling it a "complete and utter joke that must be destroyed forever".

In 2016, both Lenny and his wife Katrina supported Republican candidate Donald Trump for president.


Lenny is a Christian: he got saved at the age of 15 while attending a church camp in the state of Oklahoma, while still a resident of Texas at the time (Lenny did not move to California until he was 23).

Despite being a Christian, Lenny detests contemporary Christian music, calling it "boring, uninteresting, and quite frankly depressing". He has cited "I can only be bargained, a contemporary Christian song, as his least favorite song of all time.

Other BeliefsEdit

Lenny does not believe in ghosts: he identifies himself as a "ghost atheist". For similar reasons, he also does not believe in Bigfoot, the Yeti, or the Lochness Monster. Lenny has also ridiculed 9/11 conspiracy theories, particularly those that pertain to "fake planes" (usually believed to be either military grade missiles or, even more ridiculous to Lenny, holograms) being used in the attacks.

He does, however, believe in alternate universes/timelines, or more commonly referred to as the "Mandela Effect". He very well remembers the "Dumbo" ride at Disneyland resort, which he visited several times in his childhood, to have rotated Clockwise: however, the ride actually rotates counter-clockwise, and, according to Disneyland staff, always has. Lenny therefore believes that he grew up in a timeline where it rotated clockwise, then somehow shifted into an alternate timeline where it always rotated counter-clockwise, while therefore the clockwise ride still exists in the other universe. He also believes that himself and his "alternate self" swapped timelines, which means in the "clockwise" universe, it is the other way around: Lenny in that universe would remember it as counter-clockwise when it was actually clockwise. Whether or not this is the result of alternate timelines in the show has yet to be confirmed: it is also possible that Lenny's memory is wrong, the employees who claimed that the ride always rotated counter-clockwise are mistaken, or the ride was rebuilt at some point to rotate the other direction. This theory is exclusive to the show itself, as all versions of the ride (except for the 2nd version added at Walt Disney World in 2012) do and always have spun counter-clockwise. However, it is a parody of another real-life theory regarding the Berenstain Bears, who are widely believed to have been, at one point, spelled with an "e", as in "Berenstein", but that time has shifted into a parallel universe where it is instead spelled with an "a", as in Berenstain Bears.

Lenny does not believe in the existence of any physical infinity: in other words, he believes that nothing, in the known, comprehended universe of time and space, goes on forever, and that everything, regardless of how big or small it may be, ends sooner or later. For example, Lenny does not believe in an infinitely large universe, he has actually ridiculed the theory as something NASA wants to believe because they are "afraid that they'll get to the point where there's no more universe to discover, so then they'll have nothing left to accomplish aside from having obtaining the world's largest good-riddance on wasting tax-payers money on discovering useless information that will never make any difference to Earth, just before going defunct". However, he has not ruled out the possibility of the universe expanding (as it would stop expanding when it eventually ended). Furthermore, he also doesn't believe in infinitely small sizes, the "eternity of the world" (the belief that the universe never had a beginning and has always existed), or even an infinite number line. When asked, Lenny has said "everything has a limit, even if the limit is humongous, it's still a limit. Speed has a limit: the speed of light (Lenny does not believe anything can travel faster than the speed of light). The universe never 'always existed', it had a beginning, and it will have the end: when it ends I guess just depends on how stupid the human race will become, but it will end sooner or later. I also believe there is a 'last number'. What that last number is, I have no f*cking clue, but I believe it exists: the granddaddy of all numbers is out there. There are just too many finites in our universe for there to not be one". Any infinity that does exist, Lenny has described it as "about as close to our known time as my stomach is to dinner when my wife cooks her signature meatloaf. Any eternity that exists is completely different from what we would think of it to be, a timeless, measureless block, if you will, of time, or should I say, non-existent time".

Regarding aliens, he does not know whether they exist or not, nor does he care.


Relationship with Jonah FlendersonEdit

Jonah Flenderson is one of Lenny's closets friends. Despite retaining their friendship, however, they made terrible roommates. As roommates, Lenny would repeatedly have issues with Jonah Flenderson, primarily with the bathroom. Jonah almost always used the bathroom around the time Lenny would go to bed, resulting in serious conflict between the two. Lenny would later get into the habit of brushing his teeth before his set bed time. In addition, Jonah's favorite TV show, "Sexy Houses!", always came on at 7PM (PT), the same time as Lenny's favorite show, "Unusual Hobbies". The two were able to reach an agreement to record one of the show's alternating each night between which show is watched live, and which one is recorded. However, Jonah would always cause conflict with Lenny, as he would repeatedly forget what the scheduling was, insisting that it was his turn to watch his show live nearly every night, sometimes every night of the week. Despite their obvious conflicts, the two managed to sustain a friendship with each other. Lenny would discontinue being roommates with Jonah after he married Katrina.

Relationship with Martin AndersonEdit

Lenny's relationship with Martin Anderson is quite firm. Of all of the main characters, Lenny is the most aware of Martin's "bad luck", and tries to encourage Martin to press on in life every time he finds himself swarmed with bad luck, whatever the case may be. In addition, Martin trusts Lenny with advice on what to do with his sometimes out of control cousin and roommate Jonah, as Lenny, a former roommate of Jonah's, has advice on how to treat his cousin.

Relationship with Katrina LeggoEdit

Lenny is married to Katrina Leggo. Compared to Katrina, Lenny is relatively lazy; however, he constantly denies this to his wife, as he frequently compares himself to Jonah Flenderson, who, while significantly worse than Lenny, does not overshadow Lenny's share of laziness in the eyes of Katrina. Lenny frequently asks his wife, sometimes at the absolute worst times possible, to perform a task for him, such as making him a sandwich or cracking his back. Katrina is very "pan hungry"; she is never hesitant to pull out her trusty frying pan and wallop Lenny right in the face with it. It almost always knocks Lenny out unconscious, sometimes for hours at a time, and on one occasion, it even sent him to the ER. Lenny always resorts to the same tactic to make amendments with Katrina; buying her flowers. Often times, it gets to the point where the entire master bedroom is covered in flowerpots, because of so many screw ups that Lenny can make at any given time. While they are implied to be a rather young couple, it is unclear exactly how long the two have been married, but is known to be at least seven months before the start of the series, as they were revealed to have been married in July 2015.


Lenny- sit

One of Lenny's earliest art conceptions that never saw the light of day.

Lenny wears a dark green shirt, dark gray pants, and blue tennis shoes with green bottoms. He has black hair, as well as a beard, and has green eyes. His height is six feet and three inches, making him the tallest of the main characters.

Lenny has gone through two character designs for his animated format. His first animated art conception was, for a long time, set to be his official new appearance, and there are even finished test clips involving this art conception in animated form. However, it was eventually scrapped as Lenny was eventually deemed to be too young in appearance. For his newer art conception, his beard was altered to give him a facial appearance of about age 30 (his original animated age appearance was only about 20). His legs were also altered to make him look taller and his feet were enlarged to accompany the leg changes. The black outline on his character was also reduced in size and eventually omitted entirely.

Incarnation from The Lenny Lego ShowEdit


An old picture of Lenny's previous incarnation. This picture is a former thumbnail image.

Lenny's original incarnation from the prototype series "The Lenny Lego Show" was significantly different than than his latest incarnation.

In 2010, at the time of his original creation, his last name was actually "Lego" instead of "Leggo" as it is today. He was portrayed by a Lego figurine (hence the last name) until The Lenny Lego Show name was discontinued in 2016 (note; while the last episode of Lego Show aired in 2015, the series was not cancelled until 2016) when the series converted to an animated format and all copyrighted material was phased out from the series. He is now a regular human character for his new incarnation.

Like in his new incarnation, Lenny wore gray pants and a green shirt, although the green shirt had a yellow graphic on the front (a alternate graphic was considered for his redesign, but it was ultimately omitted entirely). He also wore a red left show, a blue right shoe, and was made of various green and purple parts for his arms. It became a short-lived running gag that his hands and feet would change colors randomly without explanation, even Lenny himself couldn't figure out what caused this. Turns out, this was actually a ploy to cover up shooting mistakes from model construction mix ups, as sometimes, the model had to be taken apart in order to shoot certain segments. His eyes were also blue, instead of green, his face yellow instead of tan, and he was even implied to be bald in this form; he now has hair in his new incarnation.

Lenny's original occupation in Lego Show was a salesman. However, neither he, nor any of his co-workers, knew exactly what the company was for. To them, all they did was sit and type documents that didn't seem to be relevant to anything. Although implied to be employed in an office, he was almost constantly looking for a new job, sometimes without any explained reason as to why.

While left handed in his present incarnation, his dominant hand was never specified in Lego Show, but he was actually most likely right handed, since in this form he seemed to use his right hand more often than his left.

The Lego model used for Lenny is now retired as the series has phased out the use of all copyrighted material and unrelated brand names, which included "Lego". While the plans were to continue the series under a new animated format, the plot was for Lenny to legally change his last name from "Lego" to "Leggo" during the Season 11 premiere, having become sick of being confused with someone associated with the Lego corporation. He would have chosen the name "Leggo", due to the fact that his name would be found to have been misspelled as such anytime he ended up in a newspaper or gossip magazine.


In 2017, Lenny's character design was refurbished for Season 2. His pants are now completely black, his shirt a darker shade of green, his beard altered, and he now has eye brows.


  • Presently, Lenny is the only main character who is married: the rest of the main cast are all single.
  • Lenny is also the only left-handed main character of the series.
  • Lenny's current name is the only name that has the same pronunciation as its predecessor name.
  • Presently, Lenny's shortest screen-time for any episode is "National Jonah Flenderson Day I": in this episode, he only appears on screen for 40 seconds.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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