Police station interior

Kooky on a advertisement display inside the Skyler City Police Department

Kooky the Beaver is a fictitious character from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show. He is an official Public Service Announcement mascot designed to encourage children to stay in school and avoid crime.

Kooky is also fictitious from the series' standpoint.


Kooky the Beaver is an anthropomorphic beaver who is the leading mascot of the Kooky the Beaver foundation. He appears on various television commercials, billboards, cereal boxes, and park benches. His "goal" is to teach children to avoid crime, teaching them the penalties of crime, as well as the importance of an education. Kooky's main reasoning is that children who drop out of school are more likely to get involved in outside crimes.

Kooky was ranked #1 on Space Magazine's "Top 10 most terrifying cartoon characters that are so terrifying they should be banned" list.

Kooky the Beaver is a parody of of certain famous PSA characters, such as McGruff the Crime Dog as well as Smokey Bear.


The original Kooky the Beaver ad that Brad Green was featured in was originally lead by a miscellaneous dinosaur character, as the ad was created before Kooky's character was. The ad was supposed to be used in this show's prototype incarnation "The Lenny Lego Show". After Lego Show's cancellation, the finished ad was indefinitely shelved, but was later recycled for use in The Lenny Leggo Show. With Kooky the Beaver created for a police station wall poster, Kooky replaced this miscellaneous character.