Jim, or otherwise known as Giant Jim, is a one-off character from The Lenny Leggo Show. He appears in the Season 1 episode Death on Behalf of my Wife's Birthday: he dies in his only episode appearance.


Jim was an extremely muscular, hulking man who was the reigning champion of Blubba Pubba's Bar and Spirits, located in Skyler City California. He had flattened hair, a mustache, and red eyes (though these were possibly artificially colored through some sort of contact lenses). He wears a red T-shirt that reads "COME HERE, PUNK!" on the front. He also has the word "mother" tattooed on his right wrist.

Character BioEdit

The character appears in "Death on Behalf of my Wife's Birthday", where Katrina's husband Lenny is trying to get her an Ipad for her birthday, but cannot afford one. However, Jonah Flenderson leads him to a bar, where Jim, seemingly effortlessly, throws another huge (though not as huge as Jim) man out of the ring. Jonah shows Lenny that anyone who can stay with Jim in the ring for two minutes wins $500, which Lenny could use for an Ipad. Lenny is reluctant, but eventually agrees to fight Jim. When the match starts, Lenny offers Jim the first punch, believing that he stands no chance, and wants to get the fight over with. Jim warns Lenny that if he punches first, the fight will be instantly over, but Lenny agrees to his original offer nonetheless. Jim, using all of his might, attempts to throw himself straight at Lenny, but instead, ends up flying way too high and way too far, and ends up flying directly out of the ring, causing Lenny to become the victor by default. Lenny discovers that his previous opponents have been tricked by his hulky appearance and tried so hard to actually combat him, that nobody (not even Jim himself) realized that he actually had terrible offensive skills. Seconds later, Jim climbs back into the ring with Lenny, infuriated over his humiliating defeat. Lenny then lectures Jim on the art of sportsmanship and learning to accept losses and congratulating opponents, even when they win. He then proceeds to offer Jim a rematch the following week, enabling him to earn back his spot of champion of the bar. Jim, however, is too proud to accept his loss to Lenny, and declares that he will never stand to be a loser. Jim proceeds to let out such an enormous blow of anger in response to his refusal to Lenny's advice and rematch. However, this ends up proving to be Jim's ultimate doom as this causes his head to spontaneously explode, killing him instantly and causing his headless body (now all we see is a bone sticking up out of his neck where his head used to be) to collapse to the ground.