Arnson shoving his door

Arnson shoves himself against a door, protesting Donald Trump's presidency.

James Arnson is a fictitious character from The Lenny Leggo Show. He is a highly known celebrity and is a male model.


Arnson has appeared on several front cover magazines (usually having anything to do with modeling), talk shows, and has had cameo appearances in movies and TV shows, usually as himself.

However, Arnson spends even more of his time talking about politics, usually his own opinions. Arnson is strongly liberal, and also identifies as a Democrat: he opposes the 2nd Amendment, the 1st amendment (unless it pertains to himself), and the 10th amendment. He has also attended several Black Lives Matters rallies (on one occasion postponing his wedding to do so) and even attended a Chocolate Cake Matters protest at a Flawmart in his hometown of Los Angeles California. In 2016, James Arnson supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. When she lost to her Republican opponent Donald Trump, James Arnson, though silent for several weeks, released an Iphone-shot video of himself uttering several curse words while slamming himself against a door, which evidently results in him breaking a fingernail.

Originally, Arnson had lines during this scene, proceeding the door shoving, he speaks to the viewers, encouraging them to "take it to the streets", while violently shaking a nearby ladder around. This part of the scene was removed from the final cut, however, the episode's preview, released earlier in the month, has this material intact.

Arnson's face is never shown in his scene, it is obscured by a nearby step-ladder.