Happy Wheels was a fictitious band from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show.


Randy Stallone's now deceased father Ralph Stallone formed the band "Happy Wheels". Ralph toured the band for 13 years until his sudden, heart attack-caused death in 1984. The band went on hiatus for a few months before Ralph's brother (Randy's uncle) took control of the band. He led the band as the lead singer and backup guitarist.

The band released a total of three albums during their run, with the first, second, and third released in 1988, 1991, and 1997 respectively. The first album was dedicated to the memory of Ralph.

Following the release of the albums, the band continued touring (despite horrific album reception) until they officially broke up in 2000. The reason for the band breaking up is not definitively made clear, but it was possibly due to conflict regarding the tour van's interior decorating.


The band released three albums, all of which were panned by music critics due to their redundant and annoying lyrics as well as the exceedingly long running time of every song on each album (the shortest song of the three albums is Track 7: from the first album "Fantastic Hippie", titled, "Gonna be Mine Tonight", at 9 minutes 37 seconds). Although panned by the critics, Randy grew up listening to the music produced by his father's and eventually his uncle's band, which is likely what led Randy into a horrible taste for music in his adult years.


Title Album Release Date Pos. in reception of release year
Fantastic Hippie June 8th 1988 #13,560
Come on Lovin' Me July 3rd 1992 #50,504
It ain't like no ordinary day May 15th 1997 #1,103,577