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The said character being thrown out of the ring.

Giant Jim's Opponent is a nameless one-off character from the Lenny Leggo episode Death on Behalf of my Wife's Birthday. He was the unfortunate opponent of "Giant Jim", the reigning champion wrestler of Blubba Pubba's Bar and Spirits. He is seen briefly getting thrown out of the ring during the very first shot of the characters from the episode.

He appears as a shirtless, very hulking (though not as hulking as Jim) and has the "Troll Face" tattooed on his back.

This character had no dialogue, but rather, uttered the "Wilhelm Scream", after being thrown out of the ring.


  • This character was created by editing one of Jim's animation files into its own file. The shirt was removed, all of his bodily elements were shrunken down in size to a degree, and the troll face was added to his back.