For Our City Dallas is a statement short from Aaron Cosby released on July 8th 2016. It is a tribute for the victims from the tragic July 7th 2016 attacks that occurred in Dallas Texas, not too far from where The Lenny Leggo Show is produced, which is in the DFW metroplex.


The video is a simple audio-only statement from Lenny Leggo creator Aaron Cosby, who gives a brief speech showing support for the men and women who serve America in the line of duty. Following this, a worded statement follows, dedicated to the victims of the incident.


The short was produced in only about 20 minutes on the evening of July 8th, the day after the incident occurred.

When creating the short, Aaron Cosby was careful to make the short focus on remembering the victims of the incident, rather than the show itself. As a result, he decided ahead of time not to give it comedic tone, vowing to keep the statement short and direct. Furthermore, the video description does not contain any references or promotions to the show or to its wikia site, which are normally provided for episodes or other shorts.

Originally, the ad was supposed to be Jonah Flenderson giving the statement on screen, however, this was scrapped.