The Fewhales

The fewhales

This article is about the characters. For their appearance trailer of the same name, see Fewhales.

The Fewhales are two unnamed characters that appear in the Season 2 teaser trailer of the same name for The Lenny Leggo Show.


The two "fewhales" are step-sisters, who, after being rejected from the audition round of a professional ballerina league (and subsequently being replaced by men), set out to form their own "women's rights" awareness foundation.

In the teaser trailer, the two show up to no-other than Katrina Leggo's house, where they begin to pester her about their foundation as well as its "enrollment" costs. However, after Katrina is asked how much she would like to give as an "enrollment fee", she, without saying a single word, slams the door on both of them.

They are implied to have been Hillary Clinton supporters in the 2016 election.