F-mail, is a fictitious electronic messaging service from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show.


F-Mail is a very poorly functioning electronic messaging service which is implied to be either a rip-off or a very unsuccessful successor to E-mail. A majority of users who install it onto their computer have experienced it crash upon program start-up or even computer start up. In rare cases, it has even caused computers to completely break down, sometimes beyond repair. While this has happened in practically every computer build, it does happen most often in laptops, especially very old, cheap ones.

In other cases, where the program in fact can work, users constantly experience enormous amounts of junk-mail, sometimes hundreds of letters at a time. They consist of various advertisements, offers, features and upgrades available for F-Mail (many of which come with a fee), as well as an uncountable number of "terms of usage" warning messages. F-Mail also charges its users a fee to close their account.

F-Mail serves as a parody of both G-mail and "Google+". At the time of its original creation, YouTube had, infamously, coincided with Google+. F-mail was originally created in the prototype incarnation; The Lenny Lego Show.