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Cosby With a Filthy Soul
is the second Season 2 preview for The Lenny Leggo Show. This short is notable for becoming the first released animated/live action hybrid production from The Lenny Leggo Show (although House, an upcoming Season S episode and another hybrid production, has been in production for longer). It stars titular character Lenny Leggo and Aaron Cosby as himself and takes place in the Studio Continuity, meaning it takes place in a separate continuity from the show itself and is considered to be non-canon: instead, it takes place in a universe where the show is produced by Aaron Cosby, while the characters, in animated form, reside with him at the studio.

The preview was released on June 20th 2017. It is a parody of "Angels With Filthy Souls", a fictitious 1940's gangster film within a film from the 1990 comedy film Home Alone.


On June 15th 2017, Aaron Cosby is writing his latest episode, N.A.T.L 9000, when Lenny comes into his office (much to Cosby's annoyance), informing him that there's been a mistake on his paycheck and that he owes him $25.27, as Jonah experienced the same problem and informed Lenny. Cosby, however, annoyed with Lenny's presence and unwilling to pay back his dues, pulls out a NERF gun and gives Lenny three seconds to leave, threatening to fire otherwise. When he doesn't leave, Cosby pulls the trigger, but finds the gun does not fire. After 45 minutes of repeatedly trying to shoot Lenny to no avail, Cosby finally gives in and angrily pulls out exactly $25.27 (and later everything else in his wallet when Lenny doesn't immediately leave when Cosby begs him to) to pay back Lenny. After Lenny leaves, a defeated Cosby picks up the NERF gun again and examines it to see why it never fired, but upon searching in the gun's barrel, ends up pulling the trigger without thinking and shoots himself in the face.


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Filming for the preview took place on June 15th 2017 (hence the established date "June 15th 2017"). Pick up shoots took place on Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th, although shots from the former were never used and most shots from the latter were actually newer shots of those. The preview was later released on June 20th 2017.


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