Aaron Cosby is a character that appears solely in the Studio Continuity of The Lenny Leggo Show. He is portrayed by himself.


Aaron Cosby is the creator of The Lenny Leggo Show. In his "office", he writes the script for each episode, finalizes it, produces and edits episodes himself. The characters of the show, who all appear in animated form in the live-action setting, reside with him at the studio, which is actually Aaron Cosby's house also. Lenny and Katrina sleep in the house's master bedroom while everybody else sleeps in Aaron Cosby's basement.

Because the characters actually exist in this continuity, alongside Cosby himself, characters act out the scenes of each episode on a green screen.


Cosby is an arrogant, selfish character who cares little about his show's characters, more so about himself. He is frequently annoyed by their presence, especially when they barge into his "office" uninvitingly. He is frequently portrayed as sort of an antagonist, often times ending up on the losing side of a given situation, as opposed to the animated cast. His antagonistic stance usually comes from his arrogance, his frequent losses in arguments, his unwillingness to pay dues (such as money owed for paychecks accidentally short changed), his seemingly random bouts of bad luck, and, probably most of all, his tendency to act like a dictator to his employees. He frequently attempts to fire any character he wants and for any reason he wants, but the characters are just about always under contract, so he is actually unable to do this and is always revenged for his attempts, that is, if they even come close to working.

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