30 Years Young is the working title of an upcoming episode of The Lenny Leggo Show. Originally set to debut Season 2, it has been postponed to a later date.


Set exactly one year after the Season 1 premiere, Martin Anderson will face the ultimate wrath of unavoidable fate of turning 30 years old.


Writing of the script commenced on January 16th 2017, co-currently with another episode titled Dog Hunters, originally set to debut Season 2, but has since been moved up a slot in the season. Audio recording is expected to begin sometime by the beginning of February, following the script completions, revisions, as well as the refurbishment of several of the show's character designs.

It has already been confirmed that "30 Years Young" is merely the working title of the episode and will not be released under the said title: it's official title is yet to be determined.

The rough draft was completed on February 8th 2017 and began revisions the following day. So far, it does not yet have an official title.

Audio recording began on February 16th, and on that same day, new characters were being designed for some of the episode's sequences.

As of June 2017, the episode has been postponed to a later time, but is not necessarily cancelled.

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